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We are a digital agency based in Kigali and we offer consulting services related to Research, Data and Design.

Data & Research

Organizations receive data, use data and create data every new day. At the end of day it is very difficult to make sense of it. We have solutions that can help you improve the process of collecting, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing your data.


In this day and age, automated workflows are preferred to traditional ways of doing business. We can help you achieve your e-commerce, e-learning, e-booking, smart accounting... and any other activity that needs digitization.


Ideas need to be unique to get attention. Using advanced tools like moving graphics, websites and short videos, we can help brand your business, existing projects or new ideas. Best designs are at the core of our values.


Data & Research

We deliver full-cycle research consultancy, from proposal designs to sampling and analysis. We use modern data science techniques to deliver insightful recommendations. We offer quality writing, editing and reviewing for successful publications.



We use modern design tools and technology to deliver customized websites, apps and dashboards.



So, if we can do all that, what do we practically deliver?

A website

We can develop a custom website for your business or organisation

An application

We can automate your workflow by using applications, existing or new

A data model

We can design an intelligible data collection model for your business

A brand

We can beautify your idea and make it more unique to the market

A publication

We write quality papers and work on multi-disciplinary researches

Anything related!

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Working with multiple data types

A data type is an attribute associated with a piece of data that tells a computer system how to interpret its value. Understanding data types

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How we work

We are project-oriented and the satisfaction of our clients is our satisfaction. There may be many steps out there but we simplify things into:


New ideas start with a problem that one wants to solve. At this stage, we discuss with you so we can get the general idea of what you are looking for. After discovering your need, we phase it into implementable units.


Using basic sketching, we proceed by designing and developing appropriate solutions for your particular idea. This may take a long time depending on the scale of your project. We endeavor to keep you posted.


In this stage we check solutions that we've designed for functionality, usability, compatibility, security and performance. We make sure that we are delivering a data model, an application, a website or a design you wanted.


Bingo! It's time to launch and deliver what your project. We aim to make sure that the maintenance, hosting, security and all upkeep needs are catered for. We will be happy to help out if anything goes wrong.

Any project?

May be you have an interesting project that we can pull together? Or a problem we may solve for you? May be you are our next client? We would love to hear from you.