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While the idea of solving problems started earlier on in our careers, it is in 2021 that we fully engaged ourselves in full-time entrepreneurial activities.

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Explore.rw is a cultural education platform that offers free and premium courses. It provides content creators with the opportunity of exhibiting their courses and engaging their audience in the most advanced way that online learning technology has to offer.

Our focus is on Rwanda. We wish to solve the problem of accessing quality contents, starting with the Rwandan language, Kinyarwanda. Our courses come with various learning facilities that include videos, audios, animations, flashcards, quizzes, vocabulary memory games, listening exercises, etc. In addition to online learning, we offer language coaching.

Collaborating with Architects and Engineers, following researches have been successfully carried out.

  • Assessment of Road Safety Parameters in Kigali City. The project aimed at evaluating geometric designs of roads in comparison to AASHTO 2011 standards, in regards to safety. The project involved many parameter aggregations using modern data visualization techniques. It is publicly available in AJOL Publications.
  • Identification of Challenges and Opportunities of Kigali Transport Master Plan. This was a comparative study. Successfully presented in the 2021 Wessex Institute of Technology (WIT, UK) Urban & Maritime conference, It is available here.
  • Sustainability Analysis of Road Construction Projects in the City of Kigali. This project aimed at rating construction projects using the Envision rating system of the Institute of Sustainable Infrastructure. This work has been presented in the 2018 CASLE conference. It is available here.
  • Construction delays. This work is not yet public.
  • Organizing an e-learning facility with multiple data inputs, including 4000+ audios, strings, videos and language learning resources. Database management of this facility helped Explore.rw run smoothly on cross-platform devices. The project uses MySQL to organize various tables that records online interaction data. It is  a server sided project.
  • Designing a Collateral records management spreadsheet for Guaranty Trust Bank, Rwanda. This project was made using advanced functionalities of Microsoft Excel. Querying and data entry was limited to one PC but was accessible through organization-wide storage servers.
  • The African Scholar Podcast - This Project is ongoing
  • The Reviving Spring Library - This Project is ongoing
  • Collaborating with Maison Shalom (a non-profit organization) to design the terms of reference of their online learning platform. The project has concluded and is currently serving refugees is various remote areas. The project was founded by the Master Card Foundation.
  • Collaborating with Next Step Rwanda, a Non-profit incorporated in California, US; to conduct IT literacy of staff in their Kigali Office.
  • The New Vision Church of New Hampshire. Design of Church logo and website. This work is still in progress.
  • Stay in touch for our future branding work. We have all it takes to brand your organization.

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Pacy Inyarubuga

Sales & Marketing

Pamphile Iradukunda

Software Engineering


Obed Namahoro

Customer Success

Fredy Bazatsinda

PR & Coordination

Advisory Board

Advisor & Founder

Entrepreneur & Innovator. Passionate about Sustainability, Tech, Data Science & Research. Connect!

George Katureebe

Business Coaching

Entrepreneur, Business Coach & Chairman of Atomica Financial Services. Kigali RW & Kampala UG. Connect!

Judie Henderson


Founder of Next Step Rwanda & Management Consultant, California, US & Kigali RW – Connect!

David Ferran

Executive Mentorship

CEO & President of the Torrey Project, San Diego, CA, US
Executive Mentor & Investor – Connect!