Visiting the University of Cambridge

In the Autumn of 2019, I have had a great opportunity of visiting the University of Cambridge. As a previous science high school student and later engineering grad, I have always looked up to great names like Isaac Newton who studied and taught in this excellent school.

I always wanted to do a design degree, back in high school, but my parents persuaded me to read engineering. The University of Cambridge gave the chance of reconnecting to this old dream by offering me a course in Architecture and Urban Studies. With less funding success, I couldn’t take the offer in two rows.

One of the greatest projects that came from the school of Architecture, was the Gahanga Cricket Stadium. The project has won multiple awards in structural engineering and architecture practice. It is both aesthetically appealing as well as socially inclusive.

One aspect that brought attention to my research interests, was the use of locally produced materials. Compressed earth blocks and volcanic stones were used to produce magnificent pavilions. It was a great opportunity experiencing the work first hand as an engineering intern at FBW Rwanda.